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Irreverent Thoughts on the life YA

Uncle Jerry, before he got the fade and the reading glasses.

"This is a hell of a good book."

—lame blurb about someone else’s book. 


(Sara Zarr’s book, if you must know. It’s okay; go ahead and read it. Whatever.)

Uncle Who?


Peace and joy, Camper.

Some young persons have made the occasional sarcastic remark about the pace at which the Owner of This Site adds a book to the collected bibliography of American letters: not often, that is. A fair comment (although not one that shows especially good manners, dude). In fact, I can tell you that The Owner has been busy writing, and he’s happy to share. Funny thing, though. Publishers don't jump to snatch up anyone's latest ideas. Not even yours. Try it; you'll see. What they claim is they have other writers in line ahead of you. Ha. A likely story. 

You will know, however, if you've actually read The Owner's books, that in one of them a handsome young blogger appears, yclept Uncle Jerry. He's a hoot. A snooty straight-shooter, skeptical, yet of course with a heart of gold. The kids love him. 

And that very same Uncle Jerry, so as not to let The Owner look completely shiftless, has volunteered to make his own thoughts available in this space from time to time. In exchange, The Owner has agreed to create ever more plucky protagonists to charm the imaginations and warm the hearts of American youth and their jaundiced chain-smoking publishers. The Owner is doing exactly that even now in the Comforting Arms Rehabilitation Center where the kindly nurses are taking such good care of him. 


Great. So, what's Uncle Jerry going to blog about? An excellent question, my friend, and one that in recent weeks has been much on Uncle Jerry's mind. 

Unlike The Owner, whose stock in trade is fiction, Your Uncle Jerry writes only the truth. And, as you know if you’ve been listening to the news, the truth is hilarious. Your Uncle Jerry’s Blog—which, out of modesty, he’s describing as "a fabulous, irreverent, yet joyful and completely reliable look at the life YA"—will review some of the highest of human values: greed, double-crossing, poor parenting, love, spite, grammar, opera, and come-uppance. And maybe once in awhile a bit with a dog.

Joy and peace.