Entrapment: a High School Comedy in Chat

Margaret K. McElderry/Simon & Schuster
ISBN 978-1442403666 (paperback)

316 pages

Entr@pment: A High School Comedy in Chat

BigJ: c'mon guys, luv is the menu at hooters
Ms.T: johnson, just pretend to grow up for awhile, ok? 
gothling: ‘love’ is ‘lose’ but spelled wrong
BoBoy: yo annie, that’s cold
bliss4u: i don’t feel like a loser with mitch 
chessman: awww ... i think we’re both winners 
gothling: eww ... it’s not going to be that kind of book is it?
BigJ: annie will cheer up when she admits her love for me
gothling: in yr dreams, slut boy


Can "tru luv" pass the test?


Bliss and Tamra are totally convinced that their boyfriends' hearts lie in the palms of their hands. But when two cynical and mischievous friends beg to differ, a wager is born. An online game of cat-and-mouse ensues, where girl must tempt best friend's boy, resulting in a comedy of love, hate, flirtation, and revelation.


Told entirely in chat, IM, text, and blog format, this glimpse into games of the heart is as topsy turvy and surprising as . . . your high school love life.

"Entr@pment, a book whose chat logs also mirror the structure of a Shakespearean comedy, offers rich reflections on the theme of managed identity by making an implicit parallel between the Shakespearean concept of “mask” and the taking of an online identity. . . . Not only is the entire novel written as chat logs, but it contains the following elements of a Shakespearean comedy: masks, wise fools, monologues, sonnets, insults, allusions (to Shakespeare, of course), destiny, and even an online marriage at the end."  –The ALAN Review

***** “I really enjoyed this book because it was funny and reminded me of the Shakespeare comedies. The unique format was what allowed me to believe that two girls could fool their best friend’s boyfriend about who they are. . . . I had to fight off my daughter and several of the teens at our teen center because they wanted a look at the book.” –Enchanting Reviews (Amazon)

***** “SSSSSSOooooooo funny!!!!!!! i Loved it!” –Summer, GoodReads

**** “totally reminded me of something my friends and i did/would do. though it never turned out like this! haha.. be careful while testing, you might not like what happens when you get the answers...” –Crystal, GoodReads